Launch 18 – Kick Off

Steve Beard

Hello and Welcome to Web Video Expert.  This is Steve Beard, your Host and Webmaster.

You’re looking at the 4th major update of this site since it launched in 2004.  If you’ve visited the site in recent years – you know that it was essentially a demo site for my corporate customers and prospects – showing off various ways of launching and displaying video – using a multitude of short techie and corporate training topics.   It was never intended to be a public site… but I forgot to uncheck that box in WordPress setup that defaults to “Anyone Can Register” – so over 6000 folks subscribed.

Imagine my surprise when I recently opened the User area and found a list of over 6000.  Two things occurred to me at that time.  First this was a WordPress savvy group since they each had to create their own WP login – I had no login utility on the site – and they must have liked the content I posted on the site.  That was more than enough to get me working on WebVideoExpert4.

This new site still has some of the old content that past users liked so much but now I’ve added complete Seminars and Web Tech content that tells the whole story on the topics covered.  You’ll find many courses with 12 to 20 videos that take a deep dive into the subject.  I’ve also added course and work books, checklists and more to our seminar content.

Obviously, I hope you find the new content useful in building your internet empire – what ever that might be.  Plus, I’d welcome your suggestions on content you’d like to see covered.

Finally, I’ve created a post category called Launch 18… with the idea of discussing all the choices I made for the new site such as picking a theme, web host, video player, various plugins, and a whole lot more.  Eventually these posts will become the script for a video.

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