Web Video Expert and Steve Beard

Steve Beard

Steve Beard

Its my belief that video is “the absolute best way”  to explain, entertain, educate, and sell on the internet.  Its also the best way to deliver your message to video devices of all sizes.  The internet has been slowly taking over all aspects of our communication and entertainment.  The pace of that is accelerating and video is leading the charge.  Web video is now making it’s way to broadcast TV and advertisers are now buying time on the best web videos.  Its a great time to create and market your video projects and we’re here to help.

Your host at Web Video Expert is Steve Beard, a 29 + year computer industry veteran, internet technical expert, and video producer.    When he’s not working on video projects, you’ll usually find him working out to stay in shape or doing something associated with race cars.

The orginal WebVideoExpert site launched in 2004 as a host for my 9 Quick & Easy Steps to Produce a Top Quality Internet Video course.  As the title suggests, this course laid out all the “need to know” details to create and upload an internet video.  Thousands of folks from 79 countries signed up for this ecourse which was delivered via Flash, Camtasia Video, and email.

Times have certainly changed but the process of creating a video is still the same – you need to write a good script that focuses on your desired result, then record your video and audio, edit as needed, and publish in the necessary format(s).

What’s really changed is that the tools and technology we have available now to produce top quality videos are light years ahead of what we had to use back in 2004.