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Audacity Seminar


Audacity is the #1 free audio editor in the world.  Just because its free doesn’t meant its a light weight editor because it does most of the edits that high dollar editors do – so there is a lot to learn for both beginners and experienced audio editors.  This training is broken down into functional segments that make it easy for you to learn and then practice you new skills.

Audacity Basics:  20 videos 45 minutes  $ 19


Bonus Training:   Audacity Advanced Seminar…  Expands your Audacity Training with over the shoulder video training, tips and shortcuts.  Recording on Facebook and Skype, Noise Reduction, Bumper Music, Splitting & Labeling Tracks, Exporting, Hosting, Podcasting, and more.

Audacity Advanced: 20 videos 40 minutes Free


Audacity Audio Editing Seminar

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