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  • WP 5.1 Adds Security and Speed

    With security and speed in mind, this release introduces WordPress’s first Site Health features. WordPress will start showing notices to administrators of sites that run long-outdated versions of PHP, which is the programming language that [...]
  • wp5introhr2

    WordPress 5 Seminar Launched

    We launched our new WordPress 5 Seminar today.  Lots of new information in this seminar which is mainly focused on the Gutenberg Editor. Its not an upgrade of the old classic editor that WP users have loved or hated for so many years. Gutenberg [...]
  • future

    Happy 2019

    Just a quick note to wish you the best in 2019.  If your future looks a bit fuzzy there's good reason with so much uncertainty in the world right now.  My best advice is to focus on building or expanding your business.  In other words, take care [...]
  • wordpress5

    WordPress Security Update

    WordPress Ver 5.0.1 - This is a security update and WP says that future security updates will be installed automatically in the future.  This update fixed several programming bugs and you can expect more updates as more people use the 5 series [...]

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