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    Updating to WordPress 5

    Just did a painless upgrade to WordPress 5 on live WebVideoExpert site. I've been running the release candidates of WP5 for a while on my local server so I knew what to expect. Here's the process I used.

    Turned off my caching plugin.
    Full [...]
  • wordpress5

    Are You Ready – WordPress 5 is Here!

    Its official, WordPress 5 launchs on Dec 6, 2018.   This really the first major release that requires some thought before you run the update on a life site.  I've just put up our first video describing what's changed,  what you can do to avoid [...]
  • climatechange

    Here’s How Climate Change Will Affect You?

    Will climate change affect you?  The simple answer is Yes it will.  In fact, from my point of view it already has.  And its impact is growing more rapidly that most of us thought.

    You may disagree with me.  My simple rebuttal to that line of [...]
  • iPhone Video Production

    iPhone Video Production

    Your iPhone has the camera - why not go all the way and create a video production studio in the palm of your hand. This comprehensive seminar covers all the software, cables, and hardware you need to produce top quality video including audio. It [...]

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