Software Training

Corporate Videos … Save Time… Save Money.. because they are the most efficient way to deliver Sales, Marketing, and Training to large numbers of employees or clients.   Delivered from a corporate or cloud server…  employees can watch the training videos – on any device – at any time.  Training on demand – if you will.  For mandatory trainings such as safety, EEOC, and Drug and Alcohol, the videos are compatible with most LMS (Learning Management System) which can document the employees participation.  Many of our videos include quizzes with scoring to measure employee retention of the content.


Note: For short term trainings or promotions, we can also host your video on our Amazon S3 Site.  Virtually all of these videos on this site are streaming from Amazon S3.

The video clips are examples of corporate work we’ve done.   I’m just showing a few screens so you can get the flavor of our work.  In all of these, we wrote the scripts and handled the entire production for our clients.  If you have a word doc, PDF or PowerPoint…  we can make a video from that.  You can see that our approach is straight forward and to the point.   So… If you got a project – lets talk!