Functional Education

I don’t know about you but I’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours over the years searching the internet for information. I’m a do it myself kind of guy so I’m always wanting and needing to know how things work – how can I improve my website, or my marketing, or the video training courses I create for others.

I call that functional education – watch the video – apply the knowledge to my situation and get a result.

To a large extent, the WEB Tech videos offered here at WVE are designed to provide functional education.   We give you enough background information on a topic so you can understand the process and then we show you the process or functional part.

Our Major Topics Seminars are much more in depth on subject background and theory and then we provide you with the course books, workbooks, and checklists that you personalize with your own information.   You end up with a functional guide totally tailored to your situation.

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