Will climate change affect you?  The simple answer is Yes it will.  In fact, from my point of view it already has.  And its impact is growing more rapidly that most of us thought.

You may disagree with me.  My simple rebuttal to that line of thinking is to ask you to read the summary findings of the Fourth National Climate Assessment just published on 11/23/2018.   On that page you will find Summary Finding, Overviews,  17 Chapters of the Report, and a Downloads Section.   Among the downloads are PDFs and Power Points for each chapter.  I would point out that this is public domain material so you can use it to create your own presentation of this material.

I shouldn’t need to point out (but I will) that whats happening here in the United States is also happening in every part of the world.   All of us – worldwide need to get informed and take action as we can, and support efforts to reduce the impact of climate change.  In many cases, you’ll be able to join efforts already underway at your local, regional, and national level.



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