Launch 18 – P3

I spent some of the Labor Day weekend putting final touches on the 2018 Model of and then decided it was time to move the site from my localhost server up to its new home at A2 Hosting.  Here are some details of how and why.

  • A2 Hosting

    I’ve moved my hosting account for the site to A2 Hosting.  The main reasons for the move are server speed, php 7 (old site was on php 5.5), and availability of additional services I may need in the future.   

  • Duplicator

    I used Duplicator Pro to move from my localhost to A2.   At the local end, Duplicator creates a bundle of the site to be moved and an installer utility.  I used my c-Panel file manager to copy both of these up to the public_html folder on A2.  The only thing I had to do on the A2 end was open MySql and setup an empty database and user.  I used the same database credentials as my localhost database.  Finally, I ran the installer utility which took less than a minute to unpack the site at its new home.  I had no issues with the move.

  • Name Servers

    As I write this, I haven’t moved my name servers over to A2.  This means that the old WVE site is still showing to the public and the new site is running live on A2 so I can complete my work and testing before  showing it to the public.  A switch of the name servers is all that takes.

  • Testing

    I had several concerns about whether the full screen backgrounds would load quickly.   (They do on the devices and internet connections I’ve tested so far).   I put a black back ground behind them just in case.  I also wanted to test all the video connections and general functionality of the site.

Next steps are to make the necessary connections to JVZoo and PayPal and test as much as possible.

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