Is Your Cover Killing Your Video, eBook, or Kindle?

Get Instant Access A dynamic – emotionally driven cover is the difference between your video being watched, your ebook being read, or media of any type being opened.  The hard work you’ve put into creating great content is lost if no Continue Reading →

Awesome Video Training!

2014 Update… This is better today than it was when I originally recommended it.   Go take a look! Just Do It.   I took this class two years ago and still use it as a reference… because its updated every year!    Continue Reading →

How to Create a Top Quality Internet Video in 2013

Editors Note:  I wrote the article below sometime in 2004 as a promo for my “9 Steps to Produce a Quality Internet Video” ecourse.  Whats changed in the 9 years since the orginal article was written?  The first few steps are still the same.  Whats Continue Reading →