Voice Over Services

A video without audio is almost worthless.   The voice-over explains what the video is showing, adding both mood and emphasis at key points to engage the viewer/listener.

A voice-over done without a script is almost always subpar.  Very few people can ad-lib their way through a video voice-over.  A script organizes your video project, keeps you on message and delivers a superior video in almost every case.

We can do a voice-over using your script or we’re happy to write one for any video project you have.  We’re happy to manage the entire process for you.

We offer both male and female voice over services for virtually any kind of digital project including Video, Power Points, Camtasia Screen Captures, and Branding of PLR products.  Take a look and a listen to our demo videos.  If you like what you hear, email voiceover at webvideoexpert.com with details of your project.  SteveB.